Monday, March 10, 2014

Week of March 3

This is my last full week of full time teaching, and of course there was a snow cancellation. I think in the two-three month span, there was only one full week of school. As a teacher, I know understand why they would only want delays instead of cancellations. However, everyone is in the same situation. During this week, I created lessons in the iPad, and conducted my fraction academic change project. For my academic change project, I had the students record their progress. The three students really liked this because they got to see their improvement and also were more motivated to learn more. Using the iPad for the eighth grader to review basics seemed to work well for him because he was beginning to understand the concept.

My fifth grade class began adding and subtracting decimals, which I co-taugth with another Intern. This went extremely well! We found an iPad app, where the students unrolled to toilet paper as fast as possible. The students then recorded their time in seconds to the hundredths place value, and added their time with a partner. We then modified it to have them subtract as well. This went so well that the students even asked to play again when we had a few extra minutes on Friday at the end of class. Finding this game, which may have seemed not educational to some, was modified and ended up being more motivating and educational than ever expected. I loved finding this game and implementing it into the lesson. I hope to find more lessons like this in the future!

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