Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week Two-Five

With a few days of teaching, most of the days were snow days. I had planned on beginning teaching my first pull out class of the day, but weather decided otherwise. These past three weeks, I have experienced stress from a two-hour delay schedule, and stress with wondering how the students will retain the information from before the basically three-week vacation. As we begin back in school, even with delays, I wonder how a teacher deals with the stress and how she fixes lesson plans to basically review information students hadn't thought about in many days. In January alone, the students were in school a total of eight days. EIGHT entire days. While weather is out of the hands of any person, I have truly experienced what it feels like to want the snow to be melted away.

The first day back with students on the last day of January was crazy, chaotic, and difficult to keep students on-task. We had long agendas and students just didn't seem in the groove of things. I hope these crazy, snow delay/cancellations begin to fade, because as a teacher, I had a hard time finding ways to encourage students to keep their mind on learning and off of what the weather would bring us that night.

Another piece of my teacher experience with special education was how to complete paperwork on time.While I was talking to my mentor teacher during these cancelations, she emphasized the importance of some paperwork that needed completed for the writing assessment with the deadline quickly approaching.

Finally, during these cold, snowy days, I worried my students were safe, warm and fed. I found myself up late at night during these days hoping they were as warm as possible.

I must say, I am done with these snow days, and I feel as if we are just in the middle of these storms.

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