Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week...After the snow storms

This is my first week back with no delays or cancellations (as of today, at least). I decided this week to start my lesson plans I had prepared for way back in January, since all the other work and assessments were finally caught up. The lessons for my fifth grade pull out was long division. My teacher felt that the older middle schoolers could use review for this also, therefore I taught both classes the lesson plan I had prepared. We began class with multiplication review, and discussing their time off. Then, the long division process began. I had the students create interactive notebooks, and one of the students, that is typically unengaged and trying to distract the people around him, was on-task the entire time! This same student told me after the first day how much he enjoyed working with the interactive notebook, and it was much more exciting than the average paper-pencil technique.

My mentor teacher and I decided that it would be exciting for both classes to keep adding on with the work they will begin after their long division assessment.

Update: Once again, the assessment was pushed back due to the weather. Snow, snow, go away...

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