Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week nine of my intern year

I have become familiar with my relationships with the other personnel in the building. Throughout the day, I am encountered by numerous aids, and regular education teachers. I have found that it is specifically important to collaborate with all of these faculty members for a variety of reasons. I find that collaborating with aids lets the special education teacher know that they know exactly what process to use when helping enhance the learning for students, and what is to be done while in the classroom. The regular education teachers allow me to realize what is happening in the classroom, and exactly what I need to do in order to be on grade level for the students. The regular education teacher can also give me ideas on what books they could suggest, even if the regular education teacher is a different grade level. Discussing with the students' homeroom teacher is important so they know strategies that are implemented in the special education room that can be incorporated in the classroom when being included for inclusion. Collaborating with all faculty members is important for all members of the school, and I noticed when collaborating the aids, and other teachers are appreciative to know what is going on and how students are improving. Supplying teachers and aids with materials helps them stay on the same page as the students, which helps keep everything consistent for students (this is really important for my students from what I have observed).

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