Monday, October 7, 2013

Week Seven of my Intern Year

This week, I became aware of the classroom interruptions that occur frequently. Unfortunately, it is out of ones hands. In the resource room I am placed, this does affect my teaching because the students are easily distracted. In addition to people coming in and out of the room, I have to deal with the construction occurring outside of the window. I am constantly prompting the students to focus. While I can't remove the construction, I have removed a group of students to the resource room next door. When the students become off-task, I have learned to either go with what is happening, or just redirect their attention. For example, this week the construction was very hard to displace out of mind for the students. Therefore, my teacher gave me the idea to have the students observe what was occurring outside, and then reflect on it/write about it. The kids loved this activity, and were very motivated to write their best. With a little bit of help, the students were able to construct a few sentences. If the classroom becomes too much of a distraction with the constant flow of people in the room, I will remove the students to the room next door, after the other students are told what they are doing that day. This seems to be the most effective, especially because one students' behavior is so high, the student is unable to leave the room. That being said, any therapy the student receives, comes to the room and distracts the others.

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